Primetech has always been striving for quality and safety for its equipment.
The 3 certifications of the production chain certify a production in compliance with the International regulations and standards for the production of biomedical, electro-aesthetic and cosmetic equipment:

Certified production chain

• The internationally recognized ISO 45001:2018 Quality Management System certification ensures that the management system is compliant with the law for design, production, sales, development and research.
• ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices certification is a reference standard for Quality Systems within the regulatory procedures governing the
design,manufacture, and marketing of Medical Devices.
• 9001:2015 ISO certification is a standard for managing the health and safety of workers.

Associated with FAPIB
Member companies are committed, through the subscription of the code of ethics, to the protection of consumers in the field of professional aesthetics.
The following is a significant excerpt:

FAPIB Members hereby acknowledge that the compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the field of Professional Aesthetics , as well as the adherence to ethical principles constitute an obligation to achieve the goals set by FAPIB member companies, and contribute to the enhancement of the reputation and success of the field of equipment and technologies related to professional aesthetics.